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What is Rootism?

Rootism is a universal process that allows the participant to visually map their consciousness. This is possible through the utilization of phenomenal information and countless present moment decisions which are manifested through mark making. This process results in a novel way to visually transmit meaningful unique information without the need of symbols. Rootist art ultimately aims not to express feelings, but rather the experience of feeling itself.

Part I: The Principles

  • The process is universal

  • Both creators and observers must be willing to feel

  • Every mark made in the process carries equal value

  • Both creators and observers must be willing to set aside the formal critical language and design principles of art

  • The use of symbols is prohibited

  • Creators must be aware of the principles and process of Rootism before creating it

Part II: The Process

 To begin, choose a mark-making tool and a surface to work on. There is no better or worse choice, just choose the tools that stimulate you the most; be that through new challenges or familiarity. The goal is to create an environment in which the act of creating feels accessible.​

Part III: The Purpose

The power of Rootist art is not found in certain individuals with a particularly distinct skill set, rather it is found in the relationships formed by everyone who chooses to participate; both the creators and the viewers.

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