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Rootism is built upon the idea that we all innately possess a finite number of expressions that are neither symbols nor recognizable imagery. These expressions are reoccurring visual relationships. If given the freedom to create intuitively and relieved of the responsibility of using recognizable images or symbols, all of us will return to some innately familiar set of relationships. Each set unique to the creator. The way these systems are expressed will change as the creator evolves, but will always contain reoccurring and recognizable visual connections. These visual connections hold meaningful information that cannot be communicated in any other way.


Rootist Art is the reexamination of how and why we create and view visual art. It sets the parameters for anyone, regardless  “artistic talent” or education to participate, contribute, and benefit from the process. Rootism challenges modern conceptions about how we communicate by contending meaningful information can be disseminated and experientially understood without the use of symbols or recognizable imagery.  Ultimately, Rootism aims to empower both the creator and the viewer to embrace and explore our intrinsic bonds as humans, while simultaneously teaching them to access and hone humankind's most powerful innate tool: intuition. 

If you are interested in learning about Rootism and its principals, please feel free to view my essay below.

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